Gridded emissions (CO2 & CH4) from Austria

The figure shows the total CO2 and CH4 emissions from Austria in 2018. This dataset represents gridded emissions for all sectors from the CAMS-REG-ANT v5.1 (Copernicus Atmospheric Services – Regional Inventory, Kuenen et al., 2022) inventory,  preprocessed with the HERMESv3 preprocessor (Guevara et al., 2019). Additionally it is adjusted to match exactly the total annual emissions obtained from the Austria’s National Inventory Report 2022 (NIR, Anderl et al., 2022) created by Environment Agency Austria. The dataset was processed by GeoSphere Austria.

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Anderl M., Friedrich A., Gangl M., et al: Austria´s National Inventory Report 2022. Submission under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and under the Kyoto Protocol. Wien, 2022 Reports, Band 0811 ISBN: 978–3-99004-635-7.